We exist to teach kids that God loves them, they have value, and that life works best when you work hard, pursue knowledge, and respect others as well as yourself. And it all starts with a bike.



HOW IT WORKS:  Our Program 


Skills for Life Program:

The Skills for Life Program is made up of 4 levels and spans up to 220 hours of in-depth learning rooted in mechanics, hard skills,  soft skills and character strengths. 


Open Work Spaces:
The shops function as open work spaces for the community. Kids and adults are invited to use the shop space and tools to keep their bikes in working order. Supplies are either earned or purchased for a nominal donation and everyone is encouraged to learn how to fix their own bikes.

Advanced Job Training Program:
Our Advanced Program offers kids employment opportunities within the shop. Some kids will be given the opportunity to be paid summer internship and more. This program is designed to elevate employability skills and to increase character strengths needed for successful long-term employment.

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