Bearings Bike Shop is a not-for-profit, solution-based organization in Atlanta. We give youth a place to learn bike repair skills and the value of hard work in a safe, fun environment that’s located in their neighborhood. And it all starts with a bike.



To move forward, a bicycle requires a strong frame and a rider willing to push the pedals. We are the framework. Our kids are the riders. Bearings Bike Shop offers a system of resources that work to empower youth in Atlanta to discover their ability to navigate a meaningful, productive life. In our spaces, kids have fun, share community, and work through challenges. This is space where perseverance and reward go hand in hand. In the process of building bikes, they’re also building character and grit. We believe these young people are change makers. We believe they can repair broken chains – on bikes, as well as in their families and communities. This is a place where kids can prove to themselves that they can learn new skills and grow as leaders. They can experience the connection between hard work, optimism, and results. And they can feel the value of giving and receiving respect. This is where they build the bikes, the values, and the skills that will take them where they want to be.

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